Lightweight Hermetic Connector Serves Mil/Aero Tasks

With a leak rate of less than 1 × 10-9 cm3/s of helium at one atmospheric differential pressure, the aluminum 38999 DC connector is built to rugged standards. Operating from -65° to + 155°C, the connector boasts insulation resistance of more than 5000 MΩ at +500 VDC during dielectric withstanding voltage testing. It exhibits no evidence of beakdown or flashover when tested IAW MIL-STD 1344 method 3003 specifications. In addition to impressive hermeticity, the connect employs beryllium-copper, CDA-alloy 172/173 contacts for enhanced electrical performance in an all-aluminum shell that is as much as 60-percent lighter than standard stainless-steel versions. The 38999 connector accepts 24 to 30 AWG solid or stranded wire. The circular hermetic connector can be designed to be laser welded into aluminum housings. It also is available in a jam-nut style. In addition, custom circular and rectangular DC connectors are available in a number of configurations including options with standard stainless-steel shells that use both Kryoflex ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-metal sealing processes. The Kryoflex ceramic-to-metal sealing technology makes this connector especially suitable for the defense, space, and aviation industries.

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