Lightweight Connector Keeps Water Out

Meeting all MIL-STD-810 and IP67 water-immersion requirements, the KJAYA series connector provides hermetic sealing of 0.01 m ft.3/hr. for pressure differentials of 15 psi. Typically, hermetic connectors that are designed to provide compression glass sealing with leakage in this range use heavy stainless-steel shells that can operate above +200C and in excess of 750 psi. Yet many water-immersion applications only require hermetic sealing to one atmosphere pressure differential (15 psi) or less and are required to operate only to 150C. Thus, the KJAYA series hermetic connectors meet lower-pressure differential and temperature requirements while remaining 50 percent lighter than traditional hermetic connectors.

The KJAYA series connectors are available in sizes 9 through 25 in wall and jam-nut mounting receptacles. They are water-immersion sealed to 10-7 cm3/s. The lightweight aluminum shells feature copper-alloy contacts for reduced electrical resistance. The hermetic connectors are available in MIL-DTL-38999 standard insert patterns with either PC-tail or poke-home crimp piggyback terminations. They operate from 55 to +150C.

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