Kit Seals Connection For 100+ Mating Cycles

Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA), remote radio-head equipment, and similar outdoor applications clearly demand an environmentally protected interface. To satisfy this need, the field-installable R2CT connection kit provides a waterproof, sealed connection. The kit is designed for optical systems using SFP transceivers and duplex LC-terminated fiber-optic cable. The kit can be reused, allowing cables and transceivers to be changed in the fieldincluding the front-panel swapping of transceivers. It also can be assembled over existing cables.

Sealing levels are IP65 with IP67 optionally available. The kits promise durability of at least 100 mating cycles from -40 to +85C. The mated connection has retention force of 200 N (45 lbs.). The kit uses a receptacle attached to the equipment panel and a plug assembly over the cable. The plug and receptacle use a double bayonet locking system to allow a tool-less, hand-tightened connection. The plug assembly includes a protection cap that can be used for pulling cable. The R2CT connection kit can easily be used with other connectors and interfaces, such as RJ-45 or USB connections.

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