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Ka-Band LNA Surpasses 40 dB Gain

A FAMILY OF COAXIAL LOW-NOISE AMPLIFIERS (LNAs) covering the 18-to-22-GHz band includes a new member with over 40 dB of gain. The model AMF-5F-18002200-17-10P offers gain flatness to 1.5 dB with typical flatness of 0.75 dB. It provides a noise figure to 1.7 dB in the full band with typical noise of 1.5 dB. This LNA boasts +10 dBm output power at 1-dB compression with typical third-order intercept performance of +20 dBm. It draws a maximum of 180 mA from a single +15-VDC supply. For both the input and output, the amplifier offers a port voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) below 2.0:1. The model AMF-5F-18002200-17-10P comes in a housing that is only 8 mm high and 16 mm long without field-replaceable K-connectors. Other models with typical gains ranging from 23 to 47 dB are available.

100 Davids Dr.
Hauppauge, NY 11788-2043;
(631) 439-9220, FAX: (631) 436-7430

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