GPS Frequency-Reference Module Consumes Less Than 4 W

A small Global Positioning System disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) series dubbed the M9103 flaunts a built-in distribution amplifier and GPS receiver. It features a built-in, three-port distribution amplifier with +13-dBm sine-wave outputs and typical isolation above 80 dB at 3 GHz and 90 dB at 10 MHz. The series has a phase-noise floor below −155 dBc/Hz. It provides very low jitter (less than 400 fs RMS) while consuming less than 4 W typical power. The series provides an OCXO-sourced, 1-pps LVDS output that is phase synchronized to better than 5 ns RMS to UTC (typically less than 10 ns RMS). It also provides a high-accuracy LVDS 10-MHz output and three independent 10-MHz sine-wave outputs. Each oscillator in the series can be monitored and controlled by an RS-232 port via standard SCPI commands. In addition, parts in this series are capable of generating NMEA-0183 output sentences for easy integration into existing infrastructure. Measuring just 1.5 x 3.0 in., the M9103 series provides Stratum-1 long-term performance of better than 5 parts per trillion averaged over 24 hrs. The modules are backward form, fit, and function compatible to the company's M9101D series GPSDO.

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