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Frequency Synthesizer Acts As Broadband Signal Generator

TO SERVE A VARIETY of applications requiring a portable test source, the MBS-8000 broadband RF signal generator covers 500 to 8000 MHz. The unit tunes in 100-kHz steps with better than 10 ms switching speed. It utilizes a 10-MHz external or internal reference. The MBS-8000 operates from +5 VDC at 230 mA. From -30 to +70C, it features +7 dBm output power and less than -95 dBc/Hz phase noise offset 100 kHz from an 8-GHz carrier. The 3.5-x-2.5-x-0.6-in. signal generator has female SMA connectors on the reference and RF input/output (I/O) ports. The programming connector is a Micro-Mini-D, 21-Pin male. The unit includes a graphical user interface (GUI) for laboratory or field-programming via PC. It can be used in applications like portable RF signal generators, electronic warfare, ATE, and software-defined radio.

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