Float-Mount Design Translates Into Low VSWR

Because they are engineered with a "float-mount" design, a line of high-frequency coaxial contacts promises to prevent air gaps at the mating interface. The contacts can therefore ensure a low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) at microwave frequencies. The units are designed to fit in size-8 and size-12 cavities for MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404, and ARINC 600 as well as size-8 cavities for MIL-DTL-24308 D-subminiature connectors. They are usable to 26.5 GHz for size-8 contacts and 40 GHz for size-12 contacts. The VSWR for the size-8 contacts is 1.15:1 for a typical mated pair from DC to 26.5 GHz. For size-12 contacts, the VSWR is 1.30:1 from DC to 40 GHz. The size-8 contacts typically exhibit 0.15 dB insertion loss to 26 GHz while the size-12 contacts exhibit 0.2 dB insertion loss to 40 GHz. These contacts are spring loaded for optimum reliability. They are designed for use with 0.086-in.-diameter flexible cables (RG-405 equivalent). These high-frequency coaxial contacts target multi-pin connector applications.

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