FETs Target WiMAX PAs From 2500 To 2700 MHz

TWO LDMOS RF power transistors have debuted for wireless-infrastructure applications in the 2.5-GHz-to-2.7- GHz frequency band. By providing peak output power of up to 170 W, these transistors should help designers simplify their RF power-amplifier (PA) designs. Under WiMAX signal conditions, the PTFA260851E/F single-ended, 85-W FET typically features 14 dB gain and 22 percent efficiency at 16 W average output power. Its sibling, the PTFA261702E push-pull, 170-W FET, typically features 15 dB gain and 20 percent efficiency at 32 W average output power under WiMAX signal conditions. The transistor's architecture provides electrically isolated halves that ease use in Doherty PA applications. Operating at +28 VDC, these transistors include broadband internal matching. They are capable of handling a 10:1 VSWR at continuous-wave (CW) power output and +28-VDC supply voltage.

Infineon Technologies, 640 N. McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (866) 951-9519, Internet: www.infineon.com.

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