Digital Phase Shifter Handles 100 W

Model P6D-38N-0CC is a digital phase shifter from G. T. Microwave that can handle power levels to 100 W CW from 700 to 1400 MHz. It controls a full 360-deg.phase range in 5.63-deg. steps via 6-b TTL control. The switching speed is a mere 3 microseconds. The phase shifter suffers only 2.5 dB insertion loss and exhibits VSWR of 2.0:1. It requires power supplies of +5 VDC and 600 mA and -9.6 VDC and 100 mA. The rugged phase shifter is supplied in an aluminum package measuring 5 x 2 x 0.56 inches. For more information, visit the G. T. Microwave website at

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