Chebyshev-Style Low-Pass Filter Cuts Off At 36 GHz

Model CLPF30-9 is a Chebyshev-style lowpass filter that passes signals to 36 GHz with less than 1.5 dB insertion loss. At 40 GHz, it exhibits rejection of 30 dB. Rejection is greater than 40 dB from 42 to 65 GHz. This filter can be used to suppress the harmonics of multiplied frequency sources or to reject the image frequency of an up- or downconverter. The filter is available with a variety of cut-off frequencies to 50 GHz. Like the firm's other bandpass filters, it promises to deliver predictable responses emulating Chebyshev, Butterworth, or other polynomial functions. The filter offers low insertion loss and VSWR right to the cut-off frequency. It does not require a "guard band" between the usable pass band and reject band. In addition, the reject band can extend to four and even five times the cutoff frequency.

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