Antenna Enclosures Target Broadband Wireless Equipment

The reduced-size HD RooTenna enclosures are designed to meet small-equipment requirements. Each metallic die-cast enclosure is available as a standalone unit with an integrated lowgain antenna, a detachable high-gain panel antenna, or an aluminum box with no antenna. The RoHS-compliant wideband antennas operate within the 900-to-928-MHz and 2400-to-2700-MHz bands. They include the patented RJ45-ECS field-replaceable, feed-through Ethernet connector and UV-resistant radomes made of ASA plastic and stainless-steel hardware. Seven different options of antenna connectors are available. These antenna enclosures target broadbandwireless- access (BWA) suppliers and carriers that deploy industrial WiFi/WLAN/WiMAX/LTE systems, mesh networks, Wi-PoP base stations, and/or client antennas using point-to-point and WISP applications. All models have a removable and customizable usermounting plate inside for installing electronics as well as a hinged cover for easy maintenance with an IP-67 water and dust seal rating. The HD RooTenna is available in either pole-mount or wall-mount versions with or without a heavy-duty tilt bracket. To eliminate the need for drilling, the enclosures have 11 engineered knockouts (nine for N connectors and two for sized cable).

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