50- And 75- Ohm RG Coaxial Cable Saves On Weight

To serve aircraft communications and navigation systems, a lighter-weight RG coaxial cable provides weight savings without compromising performance. When compared to standard RG coaxial cables, these lighter cables reduce operating costs because they are as much as 20 percent lighter with a 15 percent smaller diameter. Yet they still meet the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements of MIL-T- 81790 and EN 3475-503. The cables, which are engineered for impedance of 50 and 75 Ω, exceed the electrical requirements of MIL-C-17G. In addition, the design of the RG coaxial cables facilitates easier routing and improved abrasion resistance. Their jacketing material reduces size while maintaining shielding effectiveness, controlling impedance, and withstanding operating temperatures ranging from -65 to +150C. The lightweight RG coaxial cables are suited for both newly designed systems and retrofit applications.

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