13.5-GHz SPDT Switch Boosts Test Performance

THE PE42556 SINGLE-POLE DOUBLE-THROW (SPDT) RF switch vows to augment test-equipment performance while enabling the reliable testing of next-generation RF ICs. The absorptive switch, which is designed on the proprietary Ultra- CMOS silicon-on-sapphire process technology, spans 9 kHz to 13.5 GHz with low 1.7-dB insertion loss at 13.5 GHz and typical return loss of 13 dB at that frequency. It also guarantees fast switch-settling time of typically 3.3 microseconds from a 50-percent control signal to 10 or 90 percent of a final RF value. The PE42556 terminates the unused port to 50 . It delivers 26 dB isolation at 13.5 GHz and +56 dBm input third-order-intercept-point performance. The switch, which is supplied in a flip-chip package, boasts 4.0 kV HBM electro-static-discharge (ESD) tolerance on all ports. It integrates CMOS control logic, which is driven by a single-pin, low-voltage CMOS control input with a user-defined logic table. In addition, a logic-select pin allows polarity to be inverted for back-to-back switching applications. P&A: $15.00 each in 5000-unit volumes; shipping to lead customers now.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., 9380 Carroll Park Dr., San Diego, CA 92121; (858) 731-9400, Internet: www.psemi.com.

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