Dielectric Labs Acquires Voltronics

In a move that adds market presence and diversification, Dielectric Laboratories (Cazenovia, NY) announced the acquisition of Voltronics Corporation (Denville, NJ). Both companies are well known as manufacturers of microwave capacitors: Dielectric Laboratories for their fixed-value products and Voltronics for their variable (trimmer) capacitors, including nonmagnetic components used widely throughout the medical diagnostics industry. According to Brian DuPell, President of Dielectric Laboratories, "we are pleased to have Voltronics among the Dover family of companies. Although Voltronics will conduct business as an independent operating company, we look forward to the joint benefits of broader product, market, and customer opportunities." Scott Newman, President of Voltronics, will remain to manage Voltronics as that independent operating company.

Voltronics has been a family-run business since 1963, started by Scott's father, Richard Newman, in East Hanover, NJ. The company moved its facilities in 1991 to its current location in Denville, NJ. As Scott points out, "my father had always said, if we were to sell the company, Dover would be the one to sell it to." Voltronics benefits from a motivated and loyal workforce, with little turnover (employees have been at the company for more than 10 years, on average). The acquisition process began about a year ago at the Microwave Theory & Techniques Symposium (MTT-S) in Philadephia, PA, finally coming to contract on April 28th of this year, and closing on May 25th. Dover Technologies, with holdings that include Dow-Key Microwave, K & L Microwave, and Vectron, is part of the Dover Corporation, a multibillion dollar company consisting of more than 50 companies and traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange.

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