Acquisition Merges Package And Lid Sources

Acquisition Merges Package And Lid Sources

Thanks to a recent acquisition, a greater variety of hermetic lids can be made for the semiconductor, microelectromechanical-systems (MEMS), medical, and optical markets.

Customers are increasingly looking for complete solutionsboth to save time and conserve their budgets. This trend is the impetus behind Materion Microelectronics & Services' purchase of the epoxycoated lid product line from Micross Components USA. Going forward, this acquisition will allow Materion Microelectronics & Services to offer both ceramic packages and matching epoxy-coated lids to RF and microwave customers.

Through this acquisition, Materion Microelectronics & Servicesa business of Materion Corp.obtains the equipment to add epoxy to its ceramic (alumina) and metal (Kovar) lids (see photo). Epo-Lids (epoxy lids) can now be purchased along with Materion's matching Cu-Pack and RF packaging products. The new Epo-Lids complement Materion's current microelectronic packagelid offerings, which include Combo-Lids, Micro- Lids, Seam Seal Lids, Solder Reflow Lids, Visi-Lids, and ceramic and non-magnetic lids for specialty applications.

Materion is currently tooled for over 100 epoxy-coated lids. With its on-site tooling capabilities, the firm also can produce new lid designs to meet specific customer requirements. The acquisition of Micross' epoxy-coated lids is expected to provide customers with cost and logistics benefits, as well as advantages in the design and seal process.

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