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RF/Microwave Symposium Returns to Long Island

RF/Microwave Symposium Returns to Long Island

On April 14, the IEEE hosted the Long Island RF/Microwave Symposium in Hauppauge, N.Y. Prior to this year, a symposium such as this had not been held on Long Island since the 1980s, so it was nice to see the event return. This region has long had a major impact on the RF/microwave industry, proven by names like MITEQ, General Microwave, and Airborne Instruments Laboratory (AIL), among others. Today, a number of RF/microwave companies make their home on Long Island, including L3 Narda-MITEQ, Geosync Microwave, Comtech PST, and Agile Microwave Technology, just to name some.

The symposium welcomed the presence of three IEEE fellows who spoke at the event. A keynote address was given by Jesse Taub. Several lectures were presented, with topics that included reflectionless filters, digital pre-distortion (DPD), and switchable/tunable ferroelectric devices. Another lecture, “RF Aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging,” was presented by Dr. Robert Caverly from Villanova University.

In addition to the presentations, a number of companies participated in the exhibition. A nice variety was seen, as the various exhibitors represented different segments of the RF/microwave industry. While the exhibition obviously was not on the same scale as the International Microwave Symposium (IMS), it was nice to see companies participate in an exhibition in a much smaller setting.

Manufacturers of test-and-measurement equipment had a strong presence, with companies like Keysight Technologies, Tektronix, Pickering Interfaces, and Copper Mountain Technologies. Pickering Interfaces, which recently introduced its new 40-760 series of PXI RF multiplexers, demonstrated its modular switching capabilities. Of course, companies like Keysight and Tektronix always have much to present and this event was no exception.

Long Island had some its own companies participate in the exhibition, such as L3 Narda-MITEQ and Geosync Microwave. L3 Narda-MITEQ presented a full table of products, while Geosync Microwave displayed its dual-conversion synthesized frequency converter. Some of the other companies that were present included Mini-Circuits, KCB Solutions, Amplifier Research, and HXI. Mini-Circuits displayed a large number of its products, while Amplifier Research showcased a 10-W power amplifier (PA). In addition, a number of sales representatives were on hand to support their product lines.

Overall, the event had something for anyone who is a part of the RF/microwave industry. Those who did not attend will have another opportunity, as the event is being planned to take place again next year. Those who did not come this year should definitely make the effort next time around.

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