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IMS 2016

IMS 2016 to Shine in San Francisco

The IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS)—with all that it has to offer—is once again almost upon us. This year’s event will take place May 22-27 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. For good reason, IMS is considered to be the most noteworthy event of the RF/microwave industry each year. The 2016 installment looks to be no exception to that rule.

Some of the buzzwords associated with IMS this year are 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive radar, and more. These topics will be discussed all week long via myriad keynote talks, panel sessions, and technical presentations. Those who choose to attend will undoubtedly receive much insight into these and other areas of interest.

IIMS 2016MS 2016 will also allow companies throughout the RF/microwave industry to showcase their latest products and technology. More than 600 companies are slated to participate this year. The latest and greatest of everything will be on display, including components, subsystems, design software, test-and-measurement equipment, and much more. Of course, it is always easy to pay more attention to the larger booths occupied by some of the prominent companies in the RF/microwave industry. However, overlooking the smaller companies in attendance would be a mistake. This industry would not be what it is without the contributions from the smaller, innovative companies working hard day in and day out.

To encourage young people to consider pursuing engineering, a number of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities are planned for IMS. A full day will be dedicated to education, as students will be introduced to RF/microwave technology through demonstrations and guided tours. This experience will allow students to interact with working engineers. In addition, the STEM Science Fair is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their work.

Women in Microwaves (WIM) will also be a featured topic at IMS this year. Although the RF/microwave industry has historically been male-dominated, women play an increasingly important role as well. WIM will present a panel session on leadership for all technical professionals who wish to grow their leadership skills.

Of course, IMS is also an opportunity to connect with others who work in the industry. Opportunities will abound to network with peers, as well as to possibly catch up with former co-workers who have moved on to work at other companies. For anyone who is a part of the RF/microwave industry, IMS is clearly an event that should be marked on the calendar.

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