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AR Announces Rental Program For Tough Times

AR Worldwide and AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation are trying to work with its customers during difficult economic times by making it easier to rent and own AR equipment. The firm, a diversified supplier of high-power amplifiers and test equipment for electromagnetic-compliance (EMC) and other types of testing, announced a new program in which the company's equipment is available for rental at a monthly cost equal to 10 percent of the list price of the equipment. The only commitment required is a three-month minimum rental agreement. In addition, the monthly fee can be credited toward a buyout of the equipment, with as much as 90 percent of each rental payment credited to as much as 95 percent of the equipment''s list price. Equipment can be rented for as long as it's needed, and customers can execute a buyout at any time. More details of the new rental program are available on the company's web site.

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