LDMOS Amplifier Drives 790 To 960 MHz

LDMOS Amplifier Drives 790 To 960 MHz

In addition to displaying its lines of high-power RF/microwave transistors, Freescale Semiconductor will be involved in the technical sessions, including a session on High Power Amplifiers (Thursday, June 5, 10:10 AM) and a paper “A 350 W, 790 to 960 MHz Wideband LDMOS Doherty Amplifier Using A Modified Combining Scheme,” which explains how to achieve 20 to 21 dB gain across that frequency range with as much as 60% peak efficiency or more across the frequency range. The solid-state amplifier demonstrated excellent performance with highly modulated signals, including wideband-code-division-multiple-access (WCDMA) signals.

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