SMT OCXO Runs At 100 MHz

SMT OCXO Runs At 100 MHz

A surface-mount OCXO provides stable, low-noise output signals at 100 MHz.

For applications that require tight spacing, model O-CS8-0X is a 100-MHz oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) housed in a 14 × 21 × 6.8 mm surface-mount-technology (SMT) package. Based on an SC crystal, the oscillator can be produced over a frequency range of 80 to 120 MHz with close-in phase noise of -135 dBc/Hz and phase-noise floor of -180 dBc/Hz. The low-noise source produces a stable sinewave output at +17 dBm across operating temperatures from -55 to +85°C. It is ideal for applications in frequency synthesizers, radar systems, and communications systems, and is available for use with +5-VDC supplies.

NEL Frequency Controls, Inc., 357 Beloit St., P.O. Box 457, Burlington, WI 53105-0457 ; (262) 763-3591, FAX : (262) 763-2881.

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