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Skyworks LNAs

LNAs Quiet LTE and WCDMA Systems

A line of low-noise amplifiers serves cellular infrastructure applications.

Five variable-gain, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) have been added to an already strong lineup of amplifiers for wireless applications, including for Long Term Evolution (LTE) and wideband-code-division-multiple-access (WCDMA) cellular infrastructure systems. The five LNAs include models SKY65369-11 (832 to 862 MHz), SKY65370-11 (814 to 849 MHz), SKY65371-11 (880 to 915 MHz), SKY65373-11 (1710 to 1785 MHz), and SKY65374-11 (1850 to 1915 MHz). As an example, model SKY65369-11 operates from 832 to 862 MHz with maximum noise figure of 1.15 dB and typical noise figure of 0.90 dB at maximum 35-dB gain setting. It offers a 35-dB gain-control range (with control voltages of 0 to +3.3 VDC) and typical gain variation of 0.55 dB, and can handle input power levels to +15 dBm. The amplifier, which is supplied in an 8 x 8 mm, 16-pin multichip-module (MCM) package, exhibits better than 20-dB return loss and has typical current consumption of 390 MA with a +5-VDC supply.

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