High-Power Amps Boost 87.5- to 230-MHz Apps

High-Power Amps Boost 87.5- to 230-MHz Apps

Com-PowerThe ACS series of high-power amplifiers will take on applications such as FM broadcasting and electromagnetic-interference (EMI) testing that range from 87.5 to 230.0 MHz. For example, the AFM-1500 high-power amplifier will target FM broadcast applications. Based on silicon MOSFET device technology, the amplifier provides 1500 W output power from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. It accepts input signals to 2.5 W to achieve the maximum rated output power. Supplied in a 19-in. rack-mount enclosure, the amplifier operates on 100 A at +27 V dc with BNC connectors and forced-air cooling using external fans. Outputs from two amplifiers can be combined for 3 kW, and four amplifiers can be combined for 5-kW transmit power.

Com-Power Corp., 114 Olinda Dr., Brea, CA 92823; (714) 528-8800, FAX: (714) 528-1992

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