GaAs IC Switch Spans DC to 8 GHz

Designed for applications from DC to 8 GHz, model ISO13286 is a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch with high isolation and low loss. It offers 50-dB isolation at 4 GHz and 45-dB typical isolation at 8 GHz. The insertion loss is typically 0.8 dB through 4 GHz and typically 2.5 dB through 8 GHz. The absorptive GaAs pseudomorphic high-electron-mobility-transistor (pHEMT) integrated-circuit (IC) switch is supplied in a seven-pin hermetic package. The switch handles input power to +26 dBm as well as operating case temperatures from -55 to +125°C. The switch operates with control voltages from -7.5 to +1.0 VDC.

Isolink Inc., 880 Yosemite Way, Milpitas, CA 95035; (408) 946-1968

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