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<p>Model BME69189-50 is a compact microwave power module (MPM) that delivers 50 W continuous-wave output power from 6 to 18 GHz.</p>

Compact Power Module Drives 6 To 18 GHz

Gaining higher power levels from higher-density packaging is a general trend in many broadband military/aerospace systems, and a new Class-AB linear power amplifier module from Comtech PST provides impressive power density from 6 to 18 GHz. Model BME69189-50 is a rugged power module capable of 50 W continuous-wave (CW) output power across that frequency range in an enclosure weighing less than 1.5 lb. Offering typical gain of 47 dB across the frequency range, it will overdrive its rated output-power level with +10-dBm input power.

The power module measures just 6.56 × 3.50 × 0.84 in. with field-replaceable SMA female input and output RF connectors. It achieves 14% typical DC-to-RF efficiency when running on a +28-VDC supply, consuming a mere 15 W power in standby mode. The power module minimizes noise levels, with second harmonics of typically -15 dBc and third harmonics of typically -25 dBc. Nonharmonic spurious content is typically better than -60 dBc.

For its DC/DC control interface, the power module is equipped with a 7-pin Combo D connector. It is tested to shock and vibration per MIL-STD-810F and is designed for -40 to +55°C operating temperatures. It incorporates numerous built-in test features, including notification of over-current and over-temperature conditions. The noise level at its output is measured as -105 dBm/Hz.

Comtech PST, 105 Baylis Rd., Melville, NY 11747; (631) 777-8900, FAX: (631) 777-8877

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