Aria Develops Better Doherty Amplifier

In developing a new version of the Doherty amplifier architecture, a company has developed compact amplifier solutions capable of many times the output power of traditional Doherty amplifier designs.

By working with several telecommunications companies, and in developing what it is calling an “In Cavity Doherty amplifier,” Aria Microwave claims to have produced an amplifier design that has four times the output power of conventional Doherty amplifiers. By using its active cavity amplifiers (ACAs), the firm claims that fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications base systems can be built with much greater efficiency, resulting in significant savings in power consumption and cost to wireless operators and consumers. By using these higher-power, higher-efficiency amplifiers in the cellular networks, the total number of amplifiers needed for a given amount of coverage is much less and the overall coverage provided by a single tower system can be dramatically increased.

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