Amplifiers Power 18 To 100 GHz

Amplifiers Power 18 To 100 GHz

Several lines of power amplifiers serve high-gain, broadband applications from 18 to 100 GHz.

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Amplifiers in the HMPA and HHPA series are available with coaxial input and output connectors, as well as waveguide interconnections for broad bandwidth sections from 18 to 100 GHz. As an example, model HMPAAK-096 provides +10 dBm output power at 1-dB compression from 21.5 to 40.0 GHz with 13-dB typical gain. It is shipped with 2.9-mm female coaxial connectors. Another example, model HHPAAK-443, also designed with 2.9-mm female coaxial connectors, operates from 22.0 to 28.0 GHz with 18-dB typical gain and +27-dBm typical output power at 1-dB compression. At higher frequencies, model HHPAV-295, with WR-15, UG-385/U input and output ports, delivers +15-dBm typical output power and 29-dB typical gain from 57.0 to 66.0 GHz. Each power amplifier is equipped with voltage regulation and bias sequencing circuitry, allowing a single bias supply to supply the amplifier.

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