Can You Counterpoint a Counterpoint on the FCC and Net Neutrality?
A4WP recently expanded the applicability of the Rezence technical specification to include the wireless charging of cell phones smartphones tablets notebooks laptops and desktop PC peripherals Image courtesy of A4WP
The OneWeb system of 648 telecomclass micro satellites will help provide highspeed Internet access via small user terminals Image courtesy of OneWeb Ltd
Theodore Rappaport right and members of NYU WIRELESS showcase some of their research Image courtesy of NYU
Category 9 LTE-A Successfully Tested at 410 Mb/s Download Speeds
Drug Delivery Reaches Sci-Fi Highs
Multiple Space Consortiums Receive NASA-Backed STEM Education Awards
The DMometer and TAM Network is a machinetomachine M2M solution that delivers realtime information on the time and temperature exposure of perishable food items Image courtesy of RMD Technologies
The RURI will be housed on the entire fourth floor of the the Mark and Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center Image courtesy of UMass Lowell