HaLow the new version of WiFi is designed to consume significantly lower power and have twice the range as traditional WiFi making suitable for the tiny sensors that will gather data in future smart cities Image courtesy of EFF PhotosFlickr
Test Equipment Market Capitalizes on LTE Growth
The GPS OCX control system is set to increase the number of satellites supported by the current GPS network and improve its overall targeting and tracking capabilities Image courtesy of ThinkStock
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Two engineers from Lockheed Martin prepare the first GPS III satellite for systemlevel testing at the companyrsquos Denverarea satellite facility earlier this year Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin
The iGR report predicts that subsequent versions of the LTE standard such as LTEAdvanced will serve as the bridge to 5G wireless networks Image courtesy of Creative Commons and edited from the original by Electronic Design
An artist39s concept of one of the eight CGYNSS satellites deployed in space above a hurricane Image courtesy of NASA
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