Gary Simpson

Chief Technical Officer, Maury Microwave

Gary Simpson received his Bachelor degree from DeVry Institute of Technology in 1972, and his Masters degree from Arizona State University in 1978.  He has been involved with microwave measurements since 1973, starting with device characterization through manual load pull on microwave power transistors at his first job at Motorola. He has been with Maury Microwave since 1982, where he began developing components and fixtures for microwave measurements, including network analyzer calibration standards and techniques.  Gary is a pioneer in device characterization systems; in 1987 he developed one of the earliest automated slide-screw tuners for advanced load pull measurements.  Since then, he has been responsible for much of the on-going development of device characterization techniques, methodologies and systems.  He is currently chief technical officer at Maury Microwave Corp.

Gary’s Recent activity